The Empowered CEO Course

By Randi Lee, Business-Mindset Coach for Strong Womxn

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4 week self-paced course using my Quit Your Job Framework to become an empowered CEO

Video trainings and PDF guides

 Personalized 1:1 coaching

Everything you need to build a profitable and aligned business online


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Ready to step into the energy of an empowered CEO?

Hey there beautiful soul!

I see you out there hustling at your 9-5 job, but deep down knowing that your life was meant for so much more!

You have a powerful story and a message to share with the world. You dream of being able to make a massive impact through your work. 

But you don't know how to turn these dreams into a reality. 

You feel overwhelmed with all of the things you need to do to start a business, that it prevents you from even taking action.

You feel this tugging on your heart to finally answer the call and go after your dreams.... 

And that's exactly what has brought you here.

You're ready to finally step into your purpose and live the life you have always dreamed of.

You're ready to embody the energy of an EMPOWERED CEO so you can make a massive impact through your work. 

And I am going to be your guide. 

The Empowered CEO Course

Who this is for:

New or established entrepreneurs struggling to make consistent money in their business

Lacking the confidence to talk about their business and land sales 

Unsure how to attract soul mate clients who are eager to work with you

Struggling to create coaching programs that are scalable and that actually sell

Want to build a loyal audience using social media without paid ads  

I want in!

This self-paced course will give you the support, strategy, and strong mindset you need to step into the energy of an empowered CEO:  

Module 1: Empowered CEO Mindset  

Module 2: Soul Mate Clients  

Module 3: Scalable Coaching Packages that Sell  

Module 4: Selling on Social through Building a Loyal Community  

What's Included:

  • 4 modules with pre-recorded trainings with PDF guides $1,000 value 
  • One 60-minute private coaching call $1,000 value  
  • Organic Business Building on Social Media course so you can learn how to attract the RIGHT types of followers who are ready to buy $197 value 
  • Secret to Sales Masterclass so you can learn how to sell out your programs and offers like a boss! $97 value 
  • My personal WORD-FOR-WORD sales script to help you close on sales/discovery calls $197 value  
  • Recordings of previous coaching calls for this program that will take the course content to another level of understanding and practical application $500 value
  • 10k blueprint to map out your first $10,000 month $97 value


Over $3,000 value  

ONLY $333 in full or 4 bi-monthly payments of $97

I need this!

Quit Your Job Framework 

I help my clients become their own CEO through teaching the 3 $$$ pillars of my Quit Your Job Framework, which are:

1) $trong Mindset- this the foundation off which we build everything in our business. It's an embodiment of your unique message and mission in this world. 


2) $calable Coaching Packages- creating coaching packages that are scalable allow you to increase your income while working smarter and not harder in your business. 

This allows you to focus on your zone of genius and doing what brings you joy in your life and business. 


3)$ocial Media Organic Marketing- building a loyal following on social media is how you sell your incredible coaching packages without the need for fancy landing pages, complicated funnels, or paid ads. 

My social media marketing methods are based on you showing up as your authentic self online to attract soul mate clients who are eager to work with you. 

Want results like this?

I want results!

Your Coach, Randi 


Hi, my name is Randi and I am a Business-Mindset coach and the host of the Uplifting Podcast. I built my coaching business from the ground up to 6-figures and left my 9-5 job in only 10 months!  

Now 18 months into my business, I am my own CEO, making consistent $10,000 months while working only 4-5 hours per day and serving women all over the world.  


When I started my coaching business, I did not have the money to invest in a coach, but I also knew that I needed guidance if I was ever going to be able to quit my 9-5 job and go full time in my business.  

So I bit the bullet and invested in a coach- and it was the best decision I ever made for my business.  

I see this all the time with new entrepreneurs- they need to support and guidance of a coach, but don't have the money to invest.  

It's a total catch 22! I need to make money before I invest in a coach, but I struggle to make money without a coach.  

That's exactly why I created this program! So you can start to get coaching from a high-level coach at a fraction of my 1:1 investment (my normal 1:1 coaching rate is more than $500/hour).  

This is different from other group programs because you actually do receive 1:1 support and real coaching. More importantly, you get me!  

You will get lifetime access to video training modules, PDF guides, and any future updates/bonuses added to the course. 

If you're ready to build the foundation in your business to become an EMPOWERED CEO, enroll now!

I want in!


WHO HAVE I WORKED WITH? I have worked with a variety of service based entreprenures such as relationship coaches, model coaches, business coaches, copywriters, matchmakers, massage therapists, real estate agents, public speakers, health/wellness coaches, personal trainers, fashion designers, and social media marketers.  


WHEN DOES THIS COURSE BEGIN? This is a 4 week self paced program. You can start at any time. You have lifetime access to the material.  



The course is delivered through a combination of pre-recorded video trainings, PDF gudies, and a live coaching call. 


DO I GET PERSONAL 1:1 ATTENTION? YES! Everyone gets a 60-minute 1:1 call that you can schedule any time after enrolling in the course. 


WILL IT WORK FOR ME? How much time, energy and intention will determine the success you provide. At the same time, I always instill open communication and feedback so if there is anything you want to learn more on, ask me. 


WHO IS THE IDEAL CANDIDATE FOR THIS COURSE? This course is for new or established fem-prenures who are making less than $0-$5,000/ month in their business who:

Want to build a profitable foundation to scale their business from 

 Focus on opportunities and not obstacles 

Are creators and not complainers 

Want to create genuine relationships online and in-person  

Still unsure if this course is right for you?

Schedule a quick chat with Randi to determine if The Empowered CEO course is the right fit for you and your business goals. 

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